About Us

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Our WHY...
at Love The Game (LTG) Mentality is to inspire like minded athletes to strive to achieve more, pushing the boundaries of individuality and creativity, to join forces making for quality. 
What we provide... 
is a platform for basketball enthusiasts to share experiences through storytelling and designs of collection pieces that represent the athlete.
Our Vision...
is to provide athletic garments and knowledge to those who aspire to perfect their craft and represent their love for the game.
Our Mission... 
is to share our love for the game every single day through a platform sharing experiences and products.



Male and Female basketball player holding basketball while laughing

LTG stands by these essential core values

Love what you do, you never know who you can inspire.
Our community inspires us. Everyone’s point of view is welcomed and highly valued. 
Nothing great will ever be achieved without sacrifice. On and off the court.
You look good – you feel good – you play good. This starts with quality people.
Give the game your all, it was here before us and will remain beyond our lifetime.
Give your all without taking any shortcuts.
We Learn Together, We Grow Together.

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