About LTG Mentality

Jordan Persad, Jerron Rhodes, Christian Casimier


We are a Non-profit organization, based out of Toronto, Ontario. Our primary focus is using basketball as a tool to improve the next wave of athletes.

Our WHY...
To inspire and push the next generation forward, allowing them to expand their comfort zones and strive for never ending improvement.
Our Vision...
is a passionate community that supports the development of its children & youth through education and connectivity.  
Our Mission... 

is to create an environment for children & youth that encourages expression and growth using sport as an outlet and a life learning tool.

Our What... 

giving athletes an opportunity to learn more about themselves on and off the court. A platform for knowledge sharing to be present.

Our How...
Through carefully designed programs, a storytelling platform, individual training and collection pieces that represent the modern day athlete.



LTG young athletes playing basketball

LTG stands by these essential core values

Love what you do, you never know who you can inspire.
Our community inspires us. Everyone’s point of view is welcomed and highly valued. 
Nothing great will ever be achieved without sacrifice. On and off the court.
You look good – you feel good – you play good. This starts with quality people.
Respect the game, it was here before us and will remain beyond our lifetime.
Give your all without taking any shortcuts.
We Learn Together, We Grow Together.