The Filip Musić Story: Family, Sacrifices, & Basketball

The ball won't bounce forever… then comes the question, so what’s next? A question that for many athletes, gives them trouble because it usually comes when least expected. Realizing that your playing career may be coming to an end, is something that most of us are not ready to face. Especially when it happens out of our control. Whether its injuries, family emergencies, personal responsibilities or simply put your abilities, the question remains the same, so what’s next?

For Filip Musić, it happened to be family emergencies that left him searching for and finding the answers to, so what's next? Filip was a top ranked PG in Canada coming out of high school after attending Oakwood and winning OFSAA gold in 2010. Afterwards, transferring to play in the states at a few different prep schools, most notably IMG Academy, located in Florida.

In the States, Filip got to compete at a high level and played with many professionals, who pushed him daily. Unfortunately due to some transcript issues from switching schools, he did not qualify for NCAA D1 and had to come back home.

A Fresh Start

April 1st, 2014, Filip Musić, announces his commitment to Nipissing University:

“I'm really excited to be a part of the program. It's a first year basketball program with a really bright future; it was just something that I couldn't pass up on.”

What started out as enthusiasm and excitement, quickly turned into despair before the end of his 1st semester. With more pressing issues on his mind than his basketball career, Filip found himself having to choose between basketball or family responsibilities. A decision that found him, in a sense, put his life’s work behind him to step up for his family. A decision that Filip carries with him till this day, putting that passion into everything he does:

“Knowing that any day can be our last just drives me to go harder. You never know when your time is up.”

After coming to terms with this decision while being back home, Filip was still searching for the answer to, so what’s next? For him, this meant trying everything from day trading to online classes. Ultimately it reverted back to his love for the game.

“I knew I wanted to be around the game and give back. This is something that I am very passionate about”

The ALL4ONE Brand

So he transitioned into the training side of things, starting his own brand ALL4ONE. Filip used his connections and built relationships, to begin training players for free to get his name out there. Most notably working with NBA player Patrick Patterson, who was a member of the Toronto Raptors at the time. 
Filip Music standing with Patrick Patterson after basketball workout at Toronto Raptors facility


“The first NBA player to really believe in me was Patrick Patterson. We were pretty good friends off the court. When I told him I’m going to start training he gave me an opportunity. After a few sessions he told me he really liked my work.”

 For the past 4 years, Filip has kept building and expanding his reach to where it is now. The past year has seen significant growth for ALL4ONE, as Filip is now training on a full-time basis.

Once a highly sought after PG in the country, Filip focuses his training on guard skills that all position players should have in today's game:

“I am really big on ball handling and being able to break your man down to create a play for yourself or your teammates. Having good foot speed and quickness to be able to do so. Players have to handle the ball at an elite level no matter what position they are.”

His brand ALL4ONE has taken on a meaning of its own, that’s deeper than just a name: 

“Gotta be all in. That’s why my brand is “ALL4ONE”. We are all in this for one goal and that's to get better and get to the next level. You have to be fully committed and dedicated.” 

Filip prides himself and his program on having players who show the same dedication to their craft and who are willing to make the sacrifices that he did when he was in their shoes, not so long ago.

Advice To The Next Gen

Having to cut his playing career short due to family reasons, Filip looks back with valuable words for someone who may experience a shorter than thought career: 

“Don't look back. It is what it is. Keep pushing and growing. Get involved in other ways. If you truly love the game look to give back.”

Giving back is the exact approach that Filip took when faced with adversity. Finding other ways to be involved with the game you love, will help you along the way to answer, so what's next?

Filip Music with Malcom Duvivier and Tyrell Green after basketball workout

Filip also shared some words for the next young trainer who is thinking about starting but does not know where to begin:

“Just do it. Don’t overthink or worry about how you will get started. It's really all about taking action. Don't talk about it, be about it. If people don't know who you are, start doing workouts for free. Anything to get your name out there and build your name. You have to be able to separate yourself from everyone and always keep it real with your players. Tell them what they need to hear. Give them the real always and they will respect you.”

So, What’s Next?

Filip Musić is on his way to being recognized as one of the best in the world at what he does. His goals are to continue to improve himself on and off the court, so he can improve those he trains and grow his brand. His vision for ALL4ONE is clear:

“To be recognized as one of the best training brands, and be able to hold camps and clinics around the world. Also to have my own full court facility with a weight room.”

He is well on his way to achieving this and much more. We look forward to keeping up with his progress and watching him grow along the way. 

Follow Filip on his instagram @FilipMusic416 to get a deeper look into ALL4ONE. Connect with him to send your support or to set up any training sessions, he's waiting for you!


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