Beginning Our Journey to Widespread Basketball Knowledge

Introducing the blog of Love The Game Mentality! Your hub for valuable basketball related information that will take your game to the next level on and off the court. This is a platform for storytelling and collaboration between our community, so perspective and understanding can be achieved.

Key insight and tips...

Will be transferred to the minds of you, our readers, through high level professionals and basketball personnel who take advantage of this platform. Content will be relevant to hoopers of all levels who are willing to learn and take on new knowledge.

Top themes of conversation will revolve around:

  1. Professional experiences
  2. Balancing life off the court
  3. Post-secondary schooling
  4. Recruitment to the next level
  5. On-court skills development

Topics will be covered by high level players, coaches, and personnel in their areas of expertise. The goal is to create a community of ballers, who are willing to share their experiences and collaborations, to influence the next generation of hoopers. 

This platform is for you...

If you are a current player, basketball enthusiast, or parent looking for guidance and information on how to take your game or your child's game to the next level.

After exploring our posts you will gain valuable insight, inspiration, and new perspective, as well as actionable information. Our messages will be conveyed through storytelling, precise direct to the point videos, accompanied with a written piece. A blog from athletes for athletes to share our direct POV.

Next Steps...

Leave a comment below, letting us know what topics you are most interested in learning about! (One lucky reader will get a surprise gift). Also share us with your friends on social media and show your love for the game by joining our email list and be the first to know when our merchandise launches. Stay tuned for our next blog post! 


We Learn Together, We Grow Together.

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